Korra Obidi revealed her daughter’s response when inquiring about being ready for a stepdad: “I love you and daddy.” (Video)

In the aftermath of her divorce from Justin Dean, renowned influencer Korra Obidi disclosed her daughter’s response when questioned about the prospect of having a stepfather one year later.

The single mother of two, who is prohibited by law from revealing her children’s faces on social media, published her daughter, June’s, response when she asked her whether she wanted her to return to the dating pool and find her a stepfather.

The little girl firmly expressed her preference for her original father, stating she doesn’t want another daddy. Despite this, June conveyed her love for both Korra and her father, expressing a desire for them to be together. However, Korra Obidi vehemently rejected the idea, asserting that it would never work.

Netizens reactions …

Esthersky_77 commented, “Korra is returning to her husband, Kora is going back to her husband.”

while pearlsoilperfume speculated, “Justin Dean getting his camera ready to reply to this video and slam a lawsuit.”

Chizonye7 expressed concerns, stating, “JUNE also mentioned in a video that he gives her Hamburger without cheese. Always bringing different women into his house that June refers to as Aunty. A whole chiropractor in LA without money. The ATM Korra has vanished. No more free food, money, and travels.”

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