Kunle Remi elaborates on why his wife didn’t view his proposal seriously.

Kunle Remi, the actor, has explained the absence of a video of his proposal to Tiwi and the reasons behind her not taking the proposal seriously.

On December 31st, unexpectedly, Kunle Remi revealed his marriage on Instagram, posting romantic photos of the couple.

The 35-year-old claimed that Tiwi enthralled him with her wide smile and laugh because of her confidence. In an interview with Kristina Innemee, Kunle Remi stated:

“Her confidence caught my attention. She is vibrant and the type who turns heads when entering a room – you can’t not notice her. She’s a supermodel. Not only did her big smile catch my eye immediately, but the way she threw her head back when she laughed captivated me.”

Upon the revelation of his marriage, Temiiixx, an X user (formerly Twitter), asked Kunle Remi to share the video of him proposing to Tiwi on one knee. In reply, Kunle Remi explained that although he did propose on one knee, the moment was unplanned, and he chose not to record it to preserve the surprise and avoid spoiling the spontaneity.

He went on to say that his wife didn’t even think he was serious due of his spontaneity, so he had to get up and put the ring on her finger.

The movie star said:

“I did get on one knee for the culture. But there was no one to record. I couldn’t set up for content shoot (Steals the spontaneity). Even she didn’t believe me. I just got up and wore the ring on her finger.”

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