Man rushed to the hospital after he got his p3n!s stuck in doorway hole

A man was rushed to hospital after his member ended up stuck in a “glory hole”.

Erik was having intercourse with his partner Katie through a glory hole in the door when his penis enlarged and got stuck before turning purple.

The couple appeared on the TLC reality show Sex Sent Me to the ER to discuss their raunchy mishap, which started with Erik taking some enhancements ready for a marathon session in the bedroom. 

The idea for a ‘glory hole’ came when Erik was doing some DIY around the house.

He explained on the show: “I had to cut a really small hole because of course, Katie has to have a vintage door knob. As I was looking at the new door knob hole I had an amazing idea.”

Erik went ahead and inserted his male member through the slot for Katie to “play with”. 

She said: “I was surprised by how turned on I was. I was playing with him through the door hole and I got so excited that I just said we should have sex right now through the door.”

Sadly, Erik turned out to have taken too much of his enhancing supplement, and his member swelled to an uncomfortable degree. 

He said: “My penis is stuck in this door hole and I’ve never been in more excruciating pain in my entire life.

“I was incredibly shocked at how large my penis had grown,” he added. 

Katie then attempted to help him oil up his member using olive oil, shampoo and butter, but nothing worked, and she was forced to call an ambulance.

She confessed: “When I saw my boyfriend’s penis turning purple I was just thinking he might just lose his penis.” 

Paramedics were forced to cut around the hole and take part of the door with them to the hospital for safe removal. Erik said he was “really embarrassed” by the whole mess.

If paramedics had been slower to act, Erik could have lost all circulation in his penis. 

He said: “It’s really hard to keep up with Katie’s amazing sex drive.” 

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