Michael Ilesanmi, a Nigerian 90 Day Fiancé celebrity, has informed US authorities about his concerns for his safety.

Michael Ilesanmi, a Nigerian 90 Day Fiancé personality, informed US authorities that he left his wife, Angela Deem, at home for three days due to concerns for his safety.

Vanguard had previously reported his departure without informing Angela, two months after he moved to the US. Angela revealed this through a TikTok video, mentioning that home cameras did not capture his disappearance.

A Tuesday update on Michael Ilesanmi’s situation revealed that he contacted the police, expressing concerns for his safety at home, leading him to leave.

Security camera footage captured him leaving Angela Deem’s house in Hazlehurst, Georgia on February 23. Blogger John Yates, currently at Angela’s home with his husband Cody, shared on YouTube that Michael has been located.

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