Mohbad’s wife, Wunmi, suggests that individuals, including Verydarkman, who request DNA testing, should be the ones to cover the associated costs since she cannot afford it.

Following Mohbad’s tragic demise, his family finds itself engulfed in a tumultuous mix of controversy and suspicion.

Amid the controversy surrounding Mohbad’s passing, his wife, Omawunmi, is in the spotlight, facing demands for a DNA test to ascertain the paternity of their child, Liam.

Omawunmi, responding to requests for a DNA test amid the controversy surrounding Mohbad’s death and doubts about Liam’s paternity, has firmly stated that those advocating for the test should be willing to cover the expenses. This demand arises from persistent rumors and accusations regarding her involvement in Mohbad’s death, as well as uncertainties surrounding Liam’s parentage.

The situation took a more personal turn when Iyabojo recently revealed in a live video that Omawunmi is open to a DNA test but faces financial challenges in affording it. This revelation adds a new layer to the unfolding drama, shedding light on Omawunmi’s difficult circumstances.

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