Mr Ibu’s Family Crises Deepens as Wife Allegedly Arrests Sons and Jasmine Over N300m Donation

The family circumstances of Mr. Ibu seem to be worsening, with reports suggesting that the actor’s wife, Stella Maris, has reportedly instructed the arrest of his adopted daughter, Jasmine, and his sons.

Nollywood actress Doris Ogala asserted that Jasmine and Mr. Ibu’s sons were apprehended and held at Alagbon Police Station.

She said that Mr Ibu’s wife had ordered Jasmine’s arrest for allegedly transferring $300 million from the actor’s account. According to sources, Mr. Ibu’s wife allegedly requested that they utilize the money provided to her husband’s treatment to buy her a new house.

However, the investigation revealed that the funds contributed wasn’t up to N300 million.

“Jsmine and Ibu’s sons were arrested at Alagbon Police Station. They are detained there.

Ibu’s wife alleged that Jasmine moved 300 million out of the account Ibu’s wife allegedly wanted them to buy her new house from the money contributed so far for Ibu’s treatments. That’s why she arrested Jasmine. But investigation states that the money contributed isn’t even up to 300 million”.

In response to the post, numerous individuals conveyed their disappointment over how the family is publicly causing embarrassment for the actor.

Siyan Bola commented, “Between this family and Mohbad’s family, I don’t know which one is more troublesome.”

Shaw Ngrey stated, “A man reaps what he sows. The way a man organizes his family from a young age determines his later life.”

Jenny Smith expressed, “These people have no shame; they’re causing issues with the money contributed for Mr. Ibu’s health. It’s disheartening; people may hesitate to contribute further.”

Prisxtian remarked, “This level of trouble is too much.”

Dats Me Marilyn shared, “The troubles with Mr. Ibu and his family are giving everyone a headache.”

One Chika Oloyede wrote, “This Case fit end in Netflix. Movie producers pay close attention to this case. Na wa ooo”.

Remember that John Okafor has been hospitalized for several weeks, spent his 66th birthday in the hospital, and is currently fighting for his life.

Seven successful surgeries have been performed on the Nollywood icon, and one of his legs has been amputated.

This drama comes less than a year after they made headlines when they publicly fought over his property.

Stella, his wife, had begged for aid after learning of Jasmine’s scheme to deceive her husband, whom she claimed was suffering from dementia.

She proceeded to recount her unpleasant experience with Jasmine, but fortunately, they resolved their marital issues with police intervention. To prevent further conflicts, Jasmine was appointed as Mr. Ibu’s manager, instructed to follow directives and guidance from Stella.

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