Mr. Ibu’s Family Provides Explanation for the Amputation of One of Mr. Ibu’s Legs and Gives an Update on the Condition of the Other Leg.

The family of the well-known Nollywood icon, John Okafor, commonly referred to as Mr. Ibu, has generated significant online buzz by sharing a recent health update.

In October, Mr. Ibu marked his 62nd birthday while in a hospital. A video revealed that one of the actor’s legs had a distressing appearance, clearly displaying severe injuries.

VeryDarkMan, a prominent figure on social media, shared in a recent Instagram video on November 6 that Mr. Ibu had undergone an amputation of one of his legs.

In a public statement regarding Mr. Ibu’s health, his family confirmed the amputation of one of his legs, describing it as a temporary measure to stabilize his condition. They emphasized the ongoing need for significant support, especially considering the fragility of his remaining leg.

The family clarified that despite having undergone seven successful surgeries, the decision to amputate one leg was made to ensure Mr. Ibu’s survival and enhance his chances of recovery.

Expressing profound gratitude for the support they’ve received during this challenging time, Mr. Ibu’s family also appealed for further assistance from well-intentioned Nigerians. In their own words, they conveyed, “We want to express our gratitude to everyone who has supported our father. Although he has undergone seven successful surgeries, the amputation of one leg was necessary to preserve his life and improve his prospects for recovery. We kindly request continued support. Once he stabilizes, our father will personally acknowledge everyone who has been there for him during this period.”

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