Mr Ibu’s Health Is Critical, He Was Rushed In For Two Surgeries – VeryDarkMan

In a scorching social media exposé, Martins Vincent Otse, alias Verydarkman, dropped a bombshell in his latest update, claimed that the health of the ailing Nollywood legend, Mr. Ibu, is on a razor’s edge, with certain parts of his body in a state of decay.

Mr. Ibu is grappling with a condition that’s left him with a blood clot in his leg, and as a result, some parts of his body are decaying.

He disclosed that the seasoned actor has undergone preparation for two surgeries as of Monday morning due to the deterioration of his condition.

According to the VeryDarkMan, Mr. Ibu has a disorder that causes a blood clot in his leg, resulting in the disintegration of some sections of his body. As his situation worsened, he informed that the veteran actor had been scheduled for two procedures as of Monday morning.

He also suggested that Mr. Ibu be flown abroad for expert medical care because his life is currently in danger.

“Mr ibu condition has moved from bad to worst, at this point only God knows his fate, I will be rushed in for 2 surgeries this morning,” he wrote in the caption of the video

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