N10m for Mohbad’s wife if She Carries Out a DNA Test for Her Son” A Nigerian man promised (VIDEO)

A Nigerian man has challenged the late singer’s wife, Omawunmi Aloba, to prove her son, Liam Aloba’s, paternity.

why it is necessary for the late singer’s wife to prove her innocence despite the controversy surrounding her husband’s murder in a trending video seen on X, formerly known as Twitter.

He pointed out that a DNA test would be insignificant in comparison to the stress she would endure as a result of the charges leveled against her.

The man allegedly promised the boy N10 million if DNA testing showed he was the singer’s son.


Netizens Reactions:
@austylno3: “Assuming after DNA the child belongs to someone else what’s your benefits, you plan waking Mohbad to tell him or what.”

@ChukwumaChibuzo: “The benefit is that little fortune Mohbad made will not be used to train another man’s child whom d father is perceived to have a hand in Mohbad’s death and on unfaithful wife.”

@haywhy1345: “Do your own DNA too sir, to prove you’re your father Son! Leave d girl out of this… u can investigate but don’t drag her! Even the mother, the father, the Marlian crew are suspect but enough of dragging her, spouses have fights nd say a lot of thing they didn’t mean to each other.”

Controversial journalist Kemi Olunloyo has alleged that the wife of Mohbad has s+xual relations with Marlian boys in the past

According to her, the DNA of the child needs to be done to ascertain if the child belongs to the late Mohbad. Kemi claims that there is a possibility that the child might not belong to Mohbad as his wife allegedly had sexual relations with the males in the Marlian house.

“Stop DONATING money to Mohbad’s wife Wunmi till her child’s DNA is tested. Her video trying to attack an NDLEA agent was posted here last night. Celebrity supporting her pls STFU. I’m only concerned with Mohbad’s music estate and she’s allegedly had sexual relations with most of the males in the Marlian house. Anyone trying to sue me is HIDING something.”
“Also why was Wunmi in the car with Mohbad’s dead body and the quack nurse arrested? Where were they going to? Not a mortuary but to a casket seller to bury Mohbad by midnight which was declined by their community leader. The child does not even look like any of them.”

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