Nanny Rosie offered Canadian visa sponsorship and new job by travel company

Rosie, the viral nanny, received a job offer and a student visa for Canada just a day after enjoying a complimentary holiday with her kids, bringing her a shower of good fortunes.

Catherine Joe, the director of Vintmark Travel Agency, shared on Facebook that they are providing the cherished mother of three with a temporary job worth KSh 30,000 (over N153k) and sponsoring a student visa for Canada.

“Catherine Joe is looking for the viral Lebanon nanny for two offers, one a temporary nanny job renumeration starting from KSh 30,000,” said content creator Divinar Joseph.

“She can work for her as she waits her Canada process documentation.Kindly anyone with contact details share,” she added.

Comments from netizens: Mercy KE: “This one is the best off compared to others.”

Purity Wanja: “Hata asirudi Lebanon but that lady will be devastated haki.”

Sistah Purity: “Wow! That’s awesome!Mungu akiamua kukubariki hadi maadui wanaketi chini kuandika notes,,,,na wanatii,,,may God continue blessing people.”

Candy James: “@Rozah Rozalina Samson.Your time to shine is now mami.”

Pam Cosma Shiks: “When God opens your doors even the devil sits back to take notes.”

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