Nigeria is participating in the U.S. inquiry into the helicopter crash that resulted in the death of Herbert Wigwe, CEO of Access Holdings.

The Nigerian government, through the Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau (NSIB), has joined the inquiry into the helicopter crash that resulted in the death of Mr. Herbert Wigwe, Group CEO of Access Holdings, and five others in the United States on Friday night.

The crash, which occurred near Interstate 15 in Halloran Springs, California, at approximately 10:08 PM (Pacific Standard Time) on February 9, 2024, also claimed the lives of Mr. Abimbola Ogunbanjo, former Chairman of the Nigerian Exchange Group, as well as Mr. Wigwe’s wife, Chizoba, and son, Chizzy.

Speaking after the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) of the United States announced that it has already commenced investigation into this the incident, NSIB’s Director of Public Affairs and Consumer Protection, Mrs Bimbo Olawunmi Oladeji said it has offered its full cooperation to the NTSB in the investigation of the tragic crash.

Oladeji said the Director General of the Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau, Captain Alex Badeh, established contact with NTSB, in accordance with Chapter 5 subsection 27 of ICAO’s Annex 13 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation – Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation, which grants a State (nation) special interest in an accident involving its citizens.

The section reads; 

“A State which has a special interest in an accident by virtue of fatalities or serious injuries to its citizens shall be entitled to appoint an expert who shall be entitled to:
a. visit the scene of the accident;
b. have access to the relevant information which is approved for public release by the State conducting the investigation, and information on the progress of the investigation; and
c. receive a copy of the Final Report.”

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