Nigeria structured by politicians to encourage corruption — Pat Utomi

Professor Pat Utomi, a political analyst, asserted that Nigeria is organized by politicians in a way that fosters corruption. During an interview on Arise TV on Tuesday, January 9, Utomi pointed out that the country’s economic challenges stem from politicians prioritizing their self-interests.

He further contended that Nigeria does not function as a viable democracy, and certain multinational corporations are departing the nation due to the evident corruption exhibited by Nigerian politicians and government officials.

Utomi said; 

“The truth of the matter, the naked truth, is that what is happening in Nigeria is inevitable because the Nigerian State is not constructed to serve the Nigerian people. It is constructed to be bargaining between politicians looking to share booty. Because that is what it is, you will have all this corruption.

“Nigeria is not a working democracy, and part of the effort of building a strong and viable political party is to make our democracy work first and foremost, before other people begin to think about another election. 

Nigeria’s challenge lies in the focus on elections rather than foundational development. The country engages in what is termed an election mess, and the approach of waiting for the next one is not conducive to growth and development. According to Professor Pat Utomi, nations progress by establishing strong political parties.

Without hesitation, I can assert that Nigeria currently lacks a genuine political party. Since 1999, what we have cobbled together are platforms for machine politics, focused on acquiring power and distributing spoils, rightly or wrongly. The frustration of the Nigerian people with the way politicians operate led to the emergence of movements like the “Obidient movement” worldwide, particularly in the Nigerian diaspora. The diaspora rallied around figures like Peter Obi who resonated with the frustrations of the people. Despite facing deliberate sabotage, there is a need to recognize and leverage the fact that a significant portion of Nigeria’s population is young, under 25, and eager for change. However, they find themselves trapped in certain values, presenting a complex challenge for the country’s progress.

On possibility of People’s Democratic Party (PDP), the Labour Party (LP), and the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) merging and who will should lead the merged party, Utomi said it doesn’t matter who is in charge.

Utomi emphasized the importance of establishing a robust political party capable of effectively leading and advancing the nation. He called for the construction of a formidable party that embodies values and ideologies for nation-building. Utomi proposed a collaborative effort, involving both social movements and political parties, to determine suitable candidates aligned with the vision for Nigeria’s progress. He stressed that the focus should not be on individual endorsements but rather on creating a party that resonates with the people’s values. The ultimate goal is to build a nation that embraces entrepreneurial people’s capitalism, shifting away from the current elite-centric reliance on oil revenue toward a more inclusive and growing economy.

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