Nigerian man shares the challenges in his marriage, revealing that the church opposed his wedding due to his fiancée’s affiliation with a different church.

Nigerian native Nelson Nwamara from Abia reflects on the challenges he and his Imo partner faced three years ago due to religious differences.

In a recent celebration, the co-founder of Homland Group marked the occasion by gifting a new car to his mother-in-law.

Nelson described the difficulties they encountered as he, a charismatic Catholic, and his wife, a pastor at Dominion City Church, negotiated the delicate process of marriage.

Despite the backing of both families, their differing religious beliefs provided a substantial challenge.

“My wife was a Dominion City Pastor, and I was a charismatic member in the Catholic church. By the nature of our extremism in our Christian faith, it was almost impossible to get married. Everyone, aside from our immediate family members, kicked against it,” Nelson said.

One notable challenge was his wife’s reluctance to inform her pastor about their wedding plans, fearing rejection based on past experiences.

“I told a Rev father; he told me to convert my wife to the Catholic church before we got married,” Nelson explained.

Despite this, the pair persisted, despite encountering hostility from top pastors who referred to Nelson as an idol worshipper because of his religion.

Undaunted, the couple, now blessed with two children, bucked the odds and continued their marriage.

Reflecting on their journey, Nelson expressed no regrets, emphasizing their nine-year friendship and shared values.

“My wife is just like me. She is the opposite version of me. We have a lot of things in common. She is a villain and ambitious as I am and has high moral standards,” he wrote.

Nelson attributed his accomplishments, including co-founding Homland Group, to his wife’s unwavering support.

He criticised religious disagreements, which he feels have resulted in many eligible individuals remaining single.

Many young ladies are still single today because their pastors or parents refused them from marrying a good man because he is from a different church.”

When questioned about their eventual wedding, Nelson revealed that his wife had to leave her particular church branch due to disagreements.

“The church wasn’t happy with her opinion, so she left them and moved on with me regardless. We wedded in the Catholic church,” Nelson said.

Highlighting their commitment to unity, “We are flexible with where we worship. We worship in both Catholic and Dominion City. Any church she wants us to go between these two churches, I go with her,” he added.

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