No relevance” DeeOne says he doesn’t know anyone called Bella Okagbue after she threw shade at him for doubting Phyna’s claim that she rejected N5m to sleep with a man

DeeOne asserted that he is unfamiliar with his Big Brother Naija co-star Bella Okagbue. This declaration came in response to Bella’s criticism of his doubt regarding Phyna’s statement about turning down a 5 million Naira offer from someone wanting to be intimate with her.

In response to DeeOne’s skepticism about Phyna’s claim, Bella commented that doubters often think it’s a lie because they can’t afford it, emphasizing that 5 million Naira is merely a flight ticket. DeeOne retaliated by vehemently stating he doesn’t know a person named Bella, citing her lack of relevance as the reason. He even sought confirmation from a female friend, who affirmed not knowing Bella.

Watch the video below.

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