Nollywood filmmaker Austin Faani has written an open letter to Yul Edochie, expressing his feelings of distress whenever he comes across negative comments directed at him.

Nollywood filmmaker Austin Faani has written an open letter to Yul Edochie, conveying the emotional pain he experiences whenever he encounters negative comments directed at him.

He recounted a previous incident where people brazenly hurled insults at him, a situation that almost led to a heart attack. He disclosed experiencing elevated blood pressure, frequent palpitations, and struggles with depression.

He conveyed a wish for the derogatory comments and online harassment to cease, inquiring about the well-being of the actor, himself, his former wife May, and his new wife Judy Austin. In a message addressed to Nigerians, he urged an end to mutual insults.

“Dear @yuledochie

I’m sorry I have to write to you via the social media space. However, because I want as many as can to read this, I therefore stomach the courage to write you here. I won’t lie, I hurt every time I read the angry and derogatory words thrown at you on social media. In the recent past, I too was in a situation where people hurled insults at me with audacity. Those were perilous days; I nearly died of a heart attack. My blood pressure was high and I palpitated ceaselessly. Depression crept in too. How are you coping mentally Yul, May, & Judy??? I ask because just like me—YOU ARE ALL HUMAN TOO!!! Nigerians have a way of kicking someone endlessly. I sincerely wish for all of these to be over. I wish the insults would end. I wish that we all move on with our lives by respecting Yul, Judy & May’s decisions.

Dear Nigerians, Can we PLEASE quit with the insults? We don’t have to wait for any of the parties (Yul, May, or Judy) to die before we sheathe our swords.
In this triangular tale are some lovely children. Can we please end these embarrassments for their sake? The stigma ohh the stigma.

Let me end with one of my favorite quotes

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