Nothing worse than talking shit about your friends to their haters” – Laura Ikeji speaks on loyalty

A Nigerian brand influencer and businesswoman, Laura Ikeji, has highlighted loyalty as a veiled jab at an undisclosed person.

She expressed her love for her boyfriend, siblings, children, and friends while posting photos of herself and her footballer husband, Ogbonna Kanu.

She stated that she will always stick by her close friends and family until they request that she depart.

Nothing is worse than speaking ill of someone to someone who despises them. Laura Ikeji

In her words:

“Loyal to my husband, loyal to my siblings, loyal to my kids.

“And loyal to anybody I call my friend.
No matter what! I’m standing with u till u tell me to leave.

“Nothing worse than talking shit about ur friends to the people that don’t like them”.

Many people who saw her post in the comment section agreed with her, believing that the reality star was quietly disparaging Dr. Rommel, one of her co-stars.

Spiritual Consultant penned, “That Loyalty is why you’ll forever have a space in my heart. I so much ride for loyalty and you exuded loyalty to your family last season and I appreciate that. Keep being your smiling giggling but no-nonsense self Laura.”

Sassy Interiors Household wrote, “Nothing worse as talking shit about your friends to people that don’t like them word.”

Pweety of Owowe said, “I mean!! Dr R fall my hand meh. All of a sudden changing mouth like wetin I no know”

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