Omotola Jalade Ekeinde has been married for 27 years. She married at the age of 18

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde has been married for 27 years. She married at the age of 18.

Some of her colleagues who married in their thirties could not hold together in a marriage, but today, Omotola’s marriage is one of those modeled because it’s standing strong and she didn’t lose her identity to marriage either. How was Omotola able to live her life to her full potential since we are insinuating that early marriage means an automatic halt in life’s goals?

Let’s not live in denial, some of us would have married early if we found the right person. Talk true joor. Let’s agree that we could have married early if we were economically stable. Let’s also agree that we chose to marry at some time because we chose to first put our lives in order because of our background.

You can marry late and still have no dreams to achieve.

You can marry late and still marry a partner who is an opposer of your destiny.

You can acquire all the skills in the world, marry late and still marry wrong.
You can get all the education necessary and still marry absolute lubbish.

You can get exposure and still marry wrong.

You can gather experiences and still, marry wrong.

When I see those who married ‘late’ or yet to marry trying to downplay those who married ‘early’, I get irrítatèd.

The society and culture have set time expectations for marriage but in the end, our mindsets and goals often influence our choices and decisions. But downplaying someone who married early is a little off the limit. If you talk dòwn upon someone who married early because “you think” that they married too early, then don’t get agitated when they shàmè you for marrying late too. If people have to explain why they marry early then you will have to explain why you married late too. If they have to be scrutinized for their choice then you will be scrutinized for yours too. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander, huh? Let’s leave adults to do what they consider best for themselves.

Some people marry early and fulfill their goals and destinies. Some also marry late and fulfill their purpose and destiny. There is no universal approach to these things.

In all, even though society and culture expect when you should marry, let your priority be to marry right because you can marry early and regret and you can as well marry late and marry wrong. Like I’ve always said, when you marry is not as important as who you marry. You can marry early and marry who aids your destiny fulfillment. You can marry late and marry who halts your goals. The time you marry will not necessarily determine the outcome of your marriage, life, and destiny as much as who you marry will do.

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