“Original Calabar Witch, Very Greedy, Fake Deaconess With 3 Husbands At 41” – Isreal DMW Drags Ex-Mother-In-Law

Amidst the breakdown of his marriage, Isreal DMW, Davido’s logistics manager, has engaged in a flurry of insulting remarks directed at his former in-laws.

Gistlover previously highlighted that the couple’s marriage deteriorated following their public revelations about the issues in their fractured relationship.

Isreal DMW confronted his mother-in-law, alleging she extorted N400,000 from him and labeling her as malevolent.

In a recent Instagram post, Davido’s logistics manager persisted in derogatory remarks towards Sheila’s mother, sharing her photo and commenting on her history of multiple relationships, accusing her of avarice.

He wrote;

“Sheila’s mother. Original Calabar winch. Very greedy woman. 3 husbands at 41. Fake church deaconess,” he wrote.

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