Pastor Adebayo states that he underwent a 40-day and 40-night fast at the age of 80.

Pastor Adeboye, the esteemed leader of Redeemed Christian Church, revealed an unexpected revelation during a recent sermon. He shared the remarkable accomplishment of fasting for nearly 40 days and nights at the age of 80, extending into his 81st year.

In his address to the congregation, he revealed that numerous people had advised against it, expressing concerns about his age and the potential health risks associated with fasting. Despite these warnings and the suggestion that God would understand if he chose not to fast, Pastor Adeboye stood firm, driven by a deep conviction regarding the spiritual significance of his fast

He had intended to fast for only 10 days and see how it went, but he outlasted his initial plan.

During this time, he claimed that he suffered from leg problems, prompting him to switch to an armchair for teaching and preaching two years ago.

However, in his most recent sermon, he proudly displayed his restored health, standing erect in front of the congregation.

Pastor Adeboye underscored in his sermon that fasting is not constrained by age but rather by spiritual purpose. He urged believers of every age to engage in fasting when they sense a spiritual prompting to do so.

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