“Reactions as 103-year-old mother displays her 87-year-old daughter”

The affectionate bond between a mother and her daughter has touched the hearts of numerous TikTok users.

A heartwarming video showcased the woman, who is 103 years old, displaying remarkable activity and vigor.

At 87 years old, the daughter, along with her 103-year-old mother, continues to share delightful moments together, as depicted in the viral video.

The short clip captures the mother and daughter engaging in playful activities.

The video gained widespread attention due to the close relationship between the mother and daughter, coupled with their significant age difference. Currently, the video has garnered over 11,000 comments from netizens expressing their desire for a similarly long and fulfilling life.

Over 903k people liked the video, which has been viewed over 9.1 million times since it was shared by @sametbh.

Netizens react to mother and daughter video

@Esme said: “I claim it in Jesus’ name. Me and mom reach this age.”

@Michon said: “I pray I grow old with my children and my parents like this.”

@Meissa said: “That is so sweet. They grew old together.”

@Ashley commented: “May my mother and I end like this.”

@Nhlakanipho said: “She is so lucky, she has had her mother all her life.”

@Jess O said: “They grew up and grew old together.”

@Shello commented: “Can you imagine having your momma your whole life? What a blessing.”

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