Sadio Mane, the ex-Liverpool forward aged 31, allegedly encountered his now 18-year-old wife when he was 16, and it has been disclosed that he supported her financially during her school years.

Former Liverpool striker, Sadio Mane, is said to have crossed paths with his 18-year-old wife, Aisha Tamba, when he was 16.

The Al Nassr striker married his long-term girlfriend’ in a private ceremony in his home country of Senegal this week.

It is thought that the wedding occurred on January 7 in Keur Massar, a locality in the capital city of Dakar.

The event was said to be attended by family, friends and fellow footballers

According to reports, Aisha has been associated with the 31-year-old footballer since her teenage years, although the exact duration of their relationship is unknown. It is worth noting that the legal age of consent in Senegal is 16 years.

The footballer first spotted Aisha when she was 16 but he did not approach her formally at the time, according to Sports Brief.

It was also reported that the former Liverpool star had taken care of her bills when she was in school.

In 2022, he had previously shared his preferences regarding the kind of person he intended to marry, stating, “I’ve had numerous girls inquire why I’m not married, but sorry, you might be investing your time in vain. The woman I choose to marry will not be active on social networks.” Mane expressed his desire to wed a woman who holds a deep respect for God and is devoted to prayer, acknowledging that everyone has their unique criteria for choosing a life partner.

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