Senators from the northern region oppose the transfer of federal agencies from Abuja to Lagos.

Certain federal lawmakers, part of the Northern Senators Forum, have expressed their opposition to the proposed move of federal agencies from Abuja to Lagos. These senators, citing perceived imbalance in resource distribution within the 2024 budget favoring other regions, encourage their constituents to remain patient. They pledge to engage in peaceful negotiations with the executive and utilize legal avenues if required to address the matter.

A statement released by their spokesperson, Senator Suleiman Kawu Sumaila, read;

As representatives in the national Senate, we are dedicated to addressing the apprehensions and sentiments of our constituents regarding specific decisions and policies presented by the federal government. These include concerns about the imbalance in the distribution and allocation of resources in the 2024 budget and the proposed relocation of certain federal agencies from Abuja to Lagos. Recognizing the significance of fostering a harmonious relationship between the government and its citizens, we declare our joint commitment to pursuing a peaceful resolution to these urgent matters, adhering to the provisions of our constitution and existing laws.

Let us assure our constituents that we have taken their concerns seriously and are actively engaging with our colleagues in order to address these matters effectively. We firmly believe in the power of open dialogue and collaboration to bring about positive change for our nation.

“Throughout our term in office, our primary objective has been to advocate for the well-being and best interests of those we represent. We recognize the significance of our role as a bridge between the people and their government, and it is with great responsibility and dedication that we undertake this task.

We acknowledge that our constituents have shown great patience and trust in our abilities thus far. It is now our turn to ask for their continued support and understanding during this critical juncture. Together, we can work towards resolving the issues at hand and restoring faith in our democratic processes.

“We urge our constituents to remain patient as we diligently explore avenues for dialogues, engage in peaceful negotiations, and deploy legal measures where necessary. Rest assured, our actions align with the constitutional framework and the laws of the land, as we endeavor to uphold justice and fairness.

We are confident that by fostering effective communication, mutual respect, and a shared vision, we can pave the way for positive transformation. We will actively involve the executive branch, Senate leadership, and relevant stakeholders in addressing the concerns of Nigerians, providing regular updates on our progress. We urge everyone to engage in these communication channels, ensuring their voices are acknowledged and perspectives valued.

In conclusion, as representatives of the people, we are wholeheartedly dedicated to resolving the current issues. We appreciate your ongoing support, trust, and patience as we strive to achieve positive outcomes for our constituents while upholding the values embedded in our Constitution.

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