Sheila, the estranged wife of Isreal, shares reasons behind the breakdown of their marriage.

Sheila, the ex-wife of Isreal Afeare, Davido’s logistics manager, provided her account of the end of their marriage in October 2022.

She refuted allegations that she deceived Isreal into marrying her and dismissed assertions that he significantly improved her and her parents’ living conditions when he entered her life, stating they were already living comfortably before their relationship began.

Sheila clarified that any assistance Isreal provided to her and her family was entirely voluntary, emphasizing that he was never compelled. She revealed that on November 24, Isreal, accompanied by others, visited her mother’s shop to reclaim a generator and phone he had supposedly bought for her during their relationship.

She alluded to facing unwarranted lockouts from their shared home, persistent threats, and experiencing numerous panic attacks. Sheila suggested that Isreal accused her of using contraceptives and restricted her actions.

She noted his reluctance to be accountable, even for the money gifted at their wedding. Sheila claimed she encouraged Isreal to pursue personal ventures alongside his role with Davido but encountered resistance, citing his defensive stance with the phrase “them no dey control Edo man.”

She refuted allegations of discord over Isreal’s service to Davido, asserting that as a supportive wife, she only wanted her husband to establish his independent business. Sheila disclosed offering several income-generating ideas, but Isreal showed no interest. She highlighted the backing of his own family in this endeavor, indicating their shared concern for his future beyond his association with Davido.

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