Sonia criticizes her ex-husband, Jude Ighalo, alleging that he impregnated women and asserting that her mother spoiled his life.

Sonia Ighalo, the separated wife of footballer Jude Ighalo, has alleged that he fathered children with multiple women.

Sonia, also known as Adesuwa, had dragged him hours before, imploring him to tell the world how she had altered his life.

Sonia asserted that she funded his relocation to the UK, supported his older brother’s move, and assisted him during the last Nations Cup after facing humiliation in Russia. She claimed that despite being in a relationship, her ex-husband has not let her go. Additionally, she disclosed details about his past relationships with celebrities.

The mother of three has now accused the father of her children of having pregnancies with other women globally. She mentioned that his mother has indulged him and expressed concern that he might deplete his resources considering he has children to support.

“Jesus baby impregnating different people all over the world. Your mother has spoiled your life. Well, it’s a covenant. I hope your money won’t run out as you’re busy paying people to spread nonsense from blog to blog because children’s school fees are getting close,” Sonia expressed in her statement.

Sonia initiated criticism against her ex-husband earlier this week after he responded to an Instagram user advising him not to reconcile with her.

She labeled him a narcissist, asserting that the footballer anticipated her return and is now apprehensive.

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