Sonia, wife of Jude Ighalo, makes a revelation that her husband slept with a popular Big Brother Naija favorite.

Sonia, the former wife of footballer Jude Ighalo, has exposed her ex-husband’s private affairs, disclosing that he engaged in intimate relationships with popular Big Brother Naija contestants.

In a detailed social media outburst, the young woman clarified her role in the footballer’s career. Sonia, who has been openly criticizing her husband, recounted how she played a pivotal role in facilitating his move to the United Kingdom to join Watford F.C., stating that his agency could verify these details.

Additionally, Sonia expressed her unwavering support for the footballer at the recent Nations Cup event, highlighting her assistance during their reported challenges in Russia.

In a shocking disclosure, Jude Ighalo’s ex-wife revealed that the footballer openly shared details of his romantic involvements with other women. This reportedly included interactions with female celebrities, prominent figures like top Big Brother Naija stars, actors, and a well-known DJ.

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