Sophia Momodu responds to criticism after sharing a conversation where her daughter Imade expressed that Davido wasn’t present for her when her brother passed away, emphasizing that children are honest about their emotions.

Sophia Momodu responded after gaining attention for sharing her daughter Imade Adeleke’s chat.

The businesswoman posted a screenshot of her daughter’s message to her maternal grandmother on her SnapChat account.

A part of the chat was painted over but zooming in shows Imade lamenting that her father Davido wasn’t there when she needed him after her brother, Ifeanyi, died. 

The chats went viral and some people called Sophia out for it while others defended her. 

Reacting, Sophia said, “Kids don’t lie about how they feel, Especially with their grandparents.” 

She also disclosed that she has been raising her daughter alone for the past 2 years without complaints.

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