Speedy Darlington shares that he prefers Nigeria over the US because he feels unwanted in terms of intimate relationships, stating, “Nobody wants to have s3x with me in the US.”

Speedy Darlington, a musician known for his often outspoken views, recently stated his dissatisfaction with his s3x life in the United States.

In a candid video, Speedy Darlington openly discussed his struggles with not feeling like a superstar in the United States compared to Nigeria, highlighting how this impacts his romantic experiences.

Speedy Darlington explained that his celebrity status in Nigeria positively impacts his sexual life. He noted that when he expresses his desire for s3xual encounters on social media in Nigeria, he easily finds willing participants. According to him, his reputation and fame in the country contribute to the ease of meeting sexual partners.

On the contrary, the situation is vastly different in the United States. Despite posting similar content, Darlington stated that he receives no responses, leaving him feeling deprived of sexual intimacy in the U.S.

This difference between his experiences in Nigeria and the United States has left him frustrated and s3xually famished, as he frankly said in a recent video.

Speedy Darlington has made headlines before for his outspoken opinions.

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