Stop fronting your self, everybody is not made to be in public pages,You are becoming annoying to your chi- Mmiri eweilo okalakwu tells Aku zion

Mmiri Eweilo Okalakwu conveyed an unsettling message to Aku Zion following the revelation that he was responsible for the apprehension of Mathias Ezeaku.

read mmiri eweilo okalakwu message to Aku zion.

Please who knows this our brother that they calls AKU ZION
I need this message to get to him

Aku Zion, i dont know you before and you don’t believe in those that gave me this message,
I am very confused, why they told me to tell you all this.

Aku Zion. You may take everything as you hear or see nowadays, on social media a clues or anything else,
But dont play with this message that am about to give you

Aku Zion, they told me to tell you that you are cooking delicious food to entertain your enemies,
Your enemies are becoming friends just to get at you
Aku Zion, if you over look this message you will remember it in regret

I saw you trying to change location by all means but they will be everywhere,

Aku Zion, finally i saw you in prison, with a very serious cause, that your mind may not go now, that prison was not a Nigeria prison

Aku Zion, everybody was not made to be poplar, especially those that is surrounded by enemies,
Aku Zion, from what I saw, you have made enough enem!es before this time,
they don’t suppose to know your way about,
But today you are trending with a black card

Your chi struggled to bring you up where you are now, but you are now giving your enem!es rope to pull you down,
Your chi suffered to light up your this light ✨️ shining in your life
Many has been trying to know where your light is from so that they will off it,
today you are now sending your location to your enem!es and they they will off your light

Aku Zion. read all this article without h.a.t.e, so you will understand it, and save your self
Stop fronting your self, I repeat everybody is not made to be in public pages,
You are becoming annoying to your chi
Ndi zionnite that have sense please advise your member,
Did I tell him to start tradition ? The answer is NO.
AKU ZION change location and hind your self
Thank you

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