Sylvester Oromoni Dowen College Student, Who Died Mysteriously Is His Hostel Finally Laid To Rest After Two Years [video]

The late Dowen College student, Sylvester Oromoni Jr., is laid to rest in his father’s compound in Ogbe Ijoh, Warri, Delta State.

Consider the fact that Sylvester Oromoni passed away under unusual circumstances within the premises of his boarding school in 2021.

After two years, the deceased’s parents laid him to rest today January 27th in Delta State, following an intense legal battle.

His funeral arrangements drew celebrities like as Human Rights activist Femi Falana.

The burial arrangement of the late 12-year-old boy has since generated a wave of reactions from social media users who condemned the elaborate nature of the event.

What Caused Delay in the Burial of Sylvester Oromoni

Recalling the incident, Sylvester passed away in November 2021 after purportedly being bullied by his seniors at the Lagos school. However, the school management refuted these claims, asserting that the boy sustained injuries while playing football with his schoolmates.

Subsequently, a legal battle ensued between the deceased’s parents and the school management, with the parents contending that their son had no health issues before the tragic incident.

In 2021, Sylvester Oromoni Sr., his father, insisted that his son would not be interred until justice was served.

An autopsy conducted in January 2022 revealed that the 12-year-old Dowen student died from ‘acute lung injury from chemical intoxication in a background of blunt force’.

The Department of Public Prosecution (DPP) in Lagos issued a second report, concluding that his death was natural, sparking disagreements with the family.

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