Tems unexpectedly proposes to a fan during a live performance, asking, “Will you be my boyfriend?”

In a recent stage performance, Tems, a well-known Nigerian singer, left a fan astonished by confidently expressing romantic interest.

During a concert, an unforeseen incident took place where the singer admirably and confidently expressed romantic interest in a fan known by the TikTok account @kingdre617.

The thrilled fan took to social media to share his incredible experience, posting a video of Tems’ performance and revealing that the talented singer had proposed to him, asking him to be her boyfriend. The surprise from Tems occurred during a stage performance.

@kingdre617, clearly overjoyed, voiced his delight on his TikTok profile.

“Not to brag or anything, but @Tems asked me to be her boyfriend,” his video caption read.

In the attached video, Tems is seen pointing directly at the fan while performing a love song on stage.

This unexpected proposal has ignited a social media frenzy, with fans and followers responding with a mix of surprise, humor, and sheer curiosity.

The comments section has been flooded with netizens expressing their reactions to this distinctive on-stage proposal, with some finding it surprising, touching, and humorous.

Netizens Reactions…

@Peter said: “I’ve gyattt to go to a tems concert.”

@wop said: “WHO ME?” “You, yeah!”
“AGGGHHHHHHHHHH” @@. You were all of us in that situation brotha.”

@HunchMunch said: “Better than me, I would’ve curve pitched my boxers to the stage (o love that woman.”

@davemuan said: “You yea” I would’ve tried to get on stage oh.”

@Blessed sinn’r reacted: “Man I would have had my number on a sign!”

@August reacted: “I Plead the Thrift!” congratulations.”

@jimmyhendrinx said: “WHO MEEEEEE, YAAAAAAAAAH”

see video


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