Tension arises as Mr Ibu’s wife, Stella Maris, and daughter, Jasmine Okafor, allegedly clash once more, this time concerning his donation.

The ongoing conflict between Mr Ibu’s wife, Stella Maris, and his adopted daughter continues, adding to the challenges faced by the ailing Nollywood actor.

Gistlover, an anonymous Instagram blog, has shared details of the ongoing feud, stating that Mr Ibu’s wife and adopted daughter are in conflict over his donation. The blog claims the wife intends to use the funds for a lavish lifestyle, including mentions of buying an iPhone 15 and new cars.

Gistlover alleges that Mr Ibu’s wife withdrew N1 million from the donation through her account, sparking divided opinions.

Some criticize Jasmine Okafor for meddling in marital affairs, while others question the wife’s intentions with her husband’s funds. Omalicha Nenye believes Mr Ibu’s wife has a rightful claim to her husband’s account.

One Edna wrote, “Bringing a 3rd party in your home is bad. Jasmine that his wife, whatever she wants to do with the money is her right, and the only people who can intervene are his Sisters/brothers.

One Miryam Atsagbadekor wrote, “That’s his wife. Period. Jasmine should get out!!

One Oriaku Eternal wrote, “At the end of the day that woman is his wife, has over two kids for him. Why should you be dragging money matters with her

People are expressing varied opinions on the situation.

Jane Jude questions why Jasmine seems to be in control, while Beauty By Char raises concerns about the wife’s apparent focus on money.

The news also emphasizes Mr Ibu’s health struggles, including the impact on his leg, as he remains hospitalized.

Jasmine revealed that his leg was amputated to increase his chances of recovery as he had undergone 7 successful surgeries.

Following the news of his ailment, many Nigerian celebrities like Davido, Psquare, Tunde Ednut, and more rallied to his aid.

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