The Governor of Osun State has extended assistance to Eniola, a physically challenged vendor of purified water, with the aim of supporting her education. This gesture comes after receiving support from Brain Jotter.

Osun State Governor, Ademola Nurudeen Adeleke, recently announced on his social media platform his commitment to providing educational support for a pure water vendor named Eniola.

This decision was made shortly after Eniola received financial aid of 400,000 Naira from the comedian Brain Jotter, who shared her story and pledged to assist her on his own social media account.

Nigerian singer Davido came across Brain Jotter’s article shortly after a social media user posted it. Davido then shared the post with the caption “From Osun state?”

Following Davido’s reaction, his uncle, who serves as the current governor of Osun State, expressed his intent to support the girl.

He made the announcement on his official social media page, stating, “Thanks for sharing the video. Eniola’s dedication to honest work is truly inspiring and embodies the values of Osun. I’ve instructed my office to reach out to her and explore opportunities to assist in her education or enhance her makeup skills.”

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