The individual who assaulted a judge in Las Vegas receives a sentence from the very same judge.

The judge, targeted by a defendant in a recent Las Vegas courtroom assault, sentenced the assailant on January 8 to a prison term ranging from 19 months to four years in an unrelated case.

Deobra Delone Redden, aged 30, leaped over the courtroom bench and assaulted Judge Mary Kay Holthus of Clark County District Court last week, following an attempt to persuade the judge that he was reforming his violent history .

The sentence handed down on Monday, Jan. 8, was in connection with a baseball bat attack on a person last year. 

To prevent a second attack, Redden appeared in court in shackles with a mask on his face, flanked by a group of jail officers. 

Before the attack last week, Redden asked the judge for leniency and described himself as “a person who never stops trying to do the right thing no matter how hard it is.”

When it became clear Holthus was going to sentence him to prison time, the court marshal moved to handcuff Redden and take him into custody. That’s when the defendant started yelling expletives and charged forward as people in the courtroom audience began to scream.

He had to be wrestled off the judge by several court and jail officers and courtroom staff members. 

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