The LGBT community reveals that Jay Boogie is in good health and fabricated a false kidney failure story to deceive Nigerians into giving him money.

The LGBT community, along with Doctor Loveth, has exposed Jay Boogie, a transgender individual, for misleading Nigerians with false claims about kidney failure.

Remember how Jay Boogie said that after a botched BBL operation, two of his kidneys apparently stopped working?

He shared his distress online a few weeks ago, revealing that he was experiencing difficulties with proper urination.

On social media, a physician criticized Jay Boogie for exaggerating his surgical problems in an attempt to win over the public’s sympathy and financial backing.

The doctor who initiated the GoFundMe page for Jay Boogie and Tosin exposed Jay Boogie to the LGBT community. This occurred after the account was reported, and Jay Boogie refused to provide the authentic hospital test results demonstrating the alleged failure of both kidneys.

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