The Minister for Women Affairs urges Nigerians not to have children they cannot properly educate.

Uju Kennedy-Ohanenye, the Minister of Women Affairs, has called on Nigerians to only have the number of children they can provide for. This plea was expressed during a recent event in Abuja.

“In our country, having a domestic helper is not the issue; rather, it’s the mistreatment that poses a problem. This emphasizes the importance of educating Nigerians to report cases of child maltreatment by neighbors. The Ministry, along with state ministers, is committed to addressing such concerns. It’s crucial to enlighten neighbors, teachers, and the media, urging them to be observant and report any signs of child abuse. Increased awareness and sensitization are essential in tackling this issue.”

I am urging parents don’t have children you cannot train, this is part of why the children are suffering. It’s very unfair and very bad, that you will have children you cannot train and then you subject them to so many sufferings, even some of them when they give out their children to help others. They don’t even look out to know whether that child is okay or not. I know some that are even alive and they adopted their kids to other people simply because they are lazy.

They can’t work so I’m telling them to up their games, work hard, even if you’re roasting corn, there is joy in it and you can make money just cut your coat according to your size and take care of your children don’t go and have twelve, using them as bait that one day one of them will grow up to start taking care of you. 

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