The monetisation of relationships in Southern Nigeria is just too suffocating- Reno Omokri speaks on why Moses Bliss left Nigerian girls for a Ghanaian bride

Reno Omokri mentioned that gospel artist Moses Bliss chose a Ghanaian bride over Nigerian girls, particularly those from the southern region, citing the tendency of Nigerian girls to seek financial support from men.

Read Reno’s post on Instagram below…

‘’I can understand why Moses Bliss married a Ghanaian. I have been to Ghana, and their women tend to be easier to relate with than many Southern Nigerian women. In fact, is love without billing still possible in Southern Nigeria? In our part of the world, ‘He is loving’ means ‘He is spending’. When you tell many Southern Nigerian girls, ‘I love you’, they hear, ‘You owe me’. Especially those with Industrial Money Obtainer culture. If you marry the Industrial Money Obtainers, I pity you. The billing will become industrial. You will look after her and her entire family. No capping. And better not expect gratitude. In their eyes, you are doing your duty.
If Nigeria had visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to more countries, there would be an epidemic of unmarried women in Nigeria. Because when Southern Nigerian men travel within Africa and outside Africa and encounter beautiful women who are not money conscious, they quickly lose their appetite for Nigerian women. Already, Nigerian men are considered a catch by South African and Kenyan women.
We urgently need a cultural reorientation amongst our women. Especially in Southern Nigeria. The monetisation of relationships in Southern Nigeria is just too suffocating. I am well-traveled, and I am yet to see the level of commercialization of romance I have seen in Southern Nigeria. I call it as I see it!”

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