Tinubu will introduce a birth and death registration portal this Wednesday.

On Wednesday, November 8, President Bola Tinubu is set to reveal an electronic Civil Registration and Vital Statistics System along with a Geospatial Data Repository. Announcing this on Monday, November 6, Nasir Kwarra, Chairman of the National Population Commission, stated that the portal will enhance the advancement of civil registration and vital statistics systems in Nigeria.

He also mentioned that, in collaboration with the United Nations Children’s Fund, they have developed the eCRVS Operational Readiness Assessment Report, showcasing the potential of digital technologies for achieving transformative results in CRVS and securely storing data from multiple systems in a cost-effective manner in Nigeria.

Kwarra conveyed:

“The current government and leadership are dedicated to enhancing the capture, compilation, processing, and timely access to civil registration data and vital statistics in the country. This initiative aims to expedite the improvement of civil registration and vital statistics systems in Nigeria within a 10-year period, spanning from 2023 to 2030, with the goal of achieving the Sustainable Development Goal.

The report marked the beginning of an ambitious move by the Commission to innovate the eCRVS (Vital Reg) system through the establishment of a Public Private Partnership arrangement between the Commission and Barnksforte Technologies Limited.

This PPP arrangement is designed to promote the Vital Reg System as a fully electronic system that digitizes various civil registrations, including birth registration, stillbirth registration, birth attestation, adoption, marriage notification, divorce notification, migration, and death records.”

Mr. President will introduce this repository database for both public and private sector utilization in Nigeria. Additionally, Mr. President will inaugurate the CRVS National Coordination Committee.

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