“Verydarkman criticizes Stella Maris, Mr Ibu’s wife, alleging her intention to use the donations for buttocks surgery and the purchase of an iPhone 15.”

Activist Verydarkman has revealed the intended use of the funds allocated for Mr Ibu’s treatment by his wife, Stella Maris.

Social media users criticized Mr Ibu’s wife for expressing dissatisfaction about being denied the opportunity to receive donations for her husband’s medical treatment.

Verydarkman, a dedicated reporter covering Mr. Ibu’s health concerns, expressed his dismay on social media, sharing a video in which he criticized Stella Maris for her apparent lack of sensitivity towards her husband’s situation. According to him, when the funds reached N40 million, she allegedly requested a portion to purchase the latest iPhone 15.

Furthermore, he stated Stella has been requesting money for her upkeep, arguing that she is a young lady who should take care of her body and other such things.

Verydarkman further alleged that when N1M was eventually granted for her and her children’s maintenance, she spent a big portion of the money on a butt pad, which she frequently rocked to the hospital.

Verydarkman disclosed additional requests made by Stella, such as a car and funds for butt surgery, despite her husband’s critical health condition. He asserts that Stella’s lifestyle and requests are the main reasons for the denial of access to funds contributed by others for her husband’s treatment.

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