Verydarkman weighs in on reports of Mr Ibu’s wife arresting Jasmine, her stepsons over N300M donation – VIDEO

Martins Vincent Otse, widely recognized as VeryDarkMan, has addressed the ongoing conflict between Mr Ibu’s wife and stepsons, as well as his adopted daughter, Jasmine, concerning the funds allocated for the actor’s treatment.

Actress Doris Ogala reported that Stella has reportedly taken legal action, leading to the arrest of Jasmine and Mr Ibu’s sons, accused of diverting N300 million from the intended treatment funds.

Jasmine and her team are allegedly detained at Alagbon station, Lagos, and this comes after Mr Ibu;s wife called out Jasmine, alleging fraud and embezzlement.

Doris Ogala also reported that the actor’s wife had earlier requested that a new house be bought for her from the contributed funds for her husband’s treatment.

Reacting promptly, Verydarkman, heavily involved in advocating for donations and visiting Mr. Ibu in the hospital, addressed the reported arrest on Instagram. In a new video, he shared his perspective on the unfolding situation.

Expressing disbelief, Verydarkman expressed surprise at the reported N300 million funds for Mr. Ibu’s health. He questioned the family’s choice to conceal this significant information while continuing to receive public donations.

In his analysis, Verydarkman highlighted that the family’s withdrawal of N300 million suggests that the total donations have exceeded half a billion naira. Stressing that this amount should be sufficient for Mr. Ibu’s healthcare, he urged his followers to stop contributing, warning against inadvertently enriching the family through ongoing donations.

Verydarkman firmly stated that Mr. Ibu’s family, particularly his wife, seems to prioritize the donated funds over the well-being of the ailing actor. He committed to refraining from using his platform to seek funds temporarily, leaving room for a potential change of stance in the future.


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