Video of Jasmine’s ex-American husband confirming that she was sleeping with Mr Ibu’s son surfaces

Mr. Ibu’s adopted daughter’s former American spouse acknowledges finding a video showing her allegedly in bed with Mr. Ibu’s child, causing further online uproar. He voices concerns about his safety.

It was previously reported that an audio recording of Mr Ibu admitted to sleeping with his adopted daughter, Jasmine, and that he had caught his son sleeping with the adoptive daughter.

Jasmine’s ex-American said in a new short footage released by blogger Tosinsilverdam that he caught her and the son in a room.

He stated that she had made up reasons for being in the same room as Mr. Ibu’s kid, but he made it clear that he knew they were sleeping together.

Reactions have trailed this …
poshest_wrote: “Just imagine!! Someone that couldn’t even manag£ her home wants to manag£ another woman’s own.”

bukkie_martinez remarked: “Jasmine if na another woman dey do all these things to you inside your marriage how you go feel???”

dokitorsavageexlusive said: “And I remember m, it was mentioned then that she was married to someone before this American. About this Americana, I also remember their videos trending the , she went to pick from airport then weeks later they marry fiam…..9 months later they separated before he could even process her papers. Now I am wondering if she is woman enough to take care of Mr. Ibu’s home….Well truth will prevail soon”

Mhizrukky wrote: “Married men still won’t learn. Una never see Anytin. Quick recovery to mr ibu🙏”

Watch video below …

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