Villagers enter Bitcon lord, Blord’s house, praise him for giving their kids scholarships

In Ebenebe Town, Anambra State, a gathering of mothers entered the residence of an affluent man and lavished him with praise.

The man, Blord, said in a heartfelt Instagram video that the mothers came to thank him for giving their children scholarships

In the video, the women were observed gathering around the building, participating in singing and dancing while Blord raised his hands in acknowledgment. Blord shared the footage on Instagram and added a caption.

“Man of his people. Over 500 Ebenebe mothers came to say thank you for all the scholarships I gave their children and to also celebrate with me. Ebenebe IGA; we are great.”

Recall that during the Christmas festivities, Blord reportedly shared 1200 bags of rice and four cows to his village people.

Reactions as villagers thank rich man

@sultan_teezie said: “These one go later do politics all these one na strategy.”

@cashinsam said: “Sir, be guarded with these people…some came with bad intentions.”

@mazibet9ja commented: “Those two boys dey argue between Blord and chief priest who get money pass.”

@funds_cruz said: “Hustle make your mama no go dey clean your mate shoe because of bag of rice.”

@anyiego13 said: “All these ones shouting politics. Yes he merited it. He’s rich and humble.”

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