‘We have a Muslim president and vice president, but they are killing Muslims’ – Former NHIS boss, Prof Usman Yusuf laments about the erroneous Kaduna bombing incident

Prof Usman Yusuf, the ex-Executive Secretary of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), has expressed dismay over the tragic incident in Kaduna. During the celebration of Maulud Nabbiy (Prophet Muhammad’s birthday) in Tudun Biri Village, Igabi Local Government Area, the Nigerian Army mistakenly bombed the area, resulting in the unfortunate death of more than 120 individuals.

During an Arise TV interview, Yusuf expressed concerns about the negative perception of both the Nigerian Army and the presidency. He mentioned that Islamic clerics in the region had promoted a deceptive Muslim-Muslim ticket leading up to the 2023 general elections. Despite having Muslim President and Vice President, Yusuf highlighted the ongoing violence against Muslims in the North.

‘’The Muslim clerics in the North came and sold this fraudulent Muslim-Muslim ticket and we have Muslim Vice President and Muslim President. Our people in the North are saying you are killing Muslims, inflicting a lot more pain on Muslims. You closed the borders along all the seven Northern states because you want to go to war with Niger. You are inflicting pain. Now you are killing Muslims.  Look at the Military hierarchy, people are being mischievous. Look at the operational Military hierarchy and look at their religion. The military needs to be very careful and start doing damage control fast”

Watch a video of him speaking below

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