“We’re Heavy Spenders, We Don’t Wear Cheap Cloth”- Patience Ozokwo Reveals Reason Actors Beg on Sick Bed

Veteran Nollywood actress Patience Ozokwo has provided insights into why some actors resort to seeking assistance when they are unwell and vulnerable.

The actress stated that numerous performers earn a substantial income during their active working years. However, the high cost of maintaining the lavish lifestyle expected of them by the public leads them to spend significantly, ultimately impacting their financial standing.

After receiving the AMVCA Merit Award in May, the actress emphasized that the misconception of wealth based on the glamorous appearance of actresses on the red carpet often results in a lack of support when they face hardships.

When they fall ill, they bear the burden alone, and when resources are depleted, some may resort to seeking help through social media begging. This clarification follows criticism directed at actors who seek assistance during challenging times.

Reactions have trailed what

@adewwo: “Actors aren’t paid well at all except for the A-List actors! Once you’re not an A-list, forget it! Na manage them they manage…skit makers com even dey feature “actors” for skits.”

@official_janecyril: “Some people forgot that actors are human being too. Most of them are not financially bouyant as we thought, they hustle legitimately to get where they are and that’s why some of them begs online when they’re sick . Let us stop judging this people.”

@pappythrill: “Packaging dey make fans feel say e dey plenty. Una never understand entertainment business. Na we Dey hear am pass fans. Make I just shut up.”

@bigsmart__: “Education is a good radiance to healthy living. Emphasis on how eloquent she sounds and fluent she speaks

@realannjay: “Everything she said is 100% true.”

@adikwujohn_: “To be rich is one thing. To be financially free is the goal. Diversification and living life on your own terms is underrated. May God give us the wisdom .”

@pevsaaku_fashionkilla: “The rule still remains the same , for the sake of times like this when you are at your peak as a star/Celebrity and it’s your moment raise people up with you, let your team shine through you for when times like this come , there will be people to Catch you when u fall and render a helping hand of loyalty. Cos you can shine forever, so make good use of your moments.”

@stanley_ontop: “Bloody truth.”

@Iakimbilly: “Real fact ,Omo me I can tell from what I see with my two eye. She said it all .”

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