Will Smith slapping Chris Rock saved our marriage – Jada Smith

The notorious slap by Will Smith on Chris Rock during a stand-up comedy show has unexpectedly emerged as the savior of Jada and Will Smith’s marriage.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Jada stated that the event was a watershed moment in her life and made her realise she would never leave Will.

She labeled the aftermath of the incident as the “sacred slap,” underscoring that the controversial moment led to positive developments. Reflecting on the event, Jada expressed, “When everything unraveled, it revealed our true position. Despite years of uncertainty about standing by Will, that slap clarified I would never leave him. Without that incident, who knows where our relationship would be?”

Jada further highlighted the positive outcomes of the incident and expressed gratitude for everyone attending the ceremony, acknowledging that she was close to missing it. These remarks followed her earlier statement in an interview, expressing her desire to be with Will Smith indefinitely.

The couple has had their fair share of difficulties in recent years.

However, it was this unexpected altercation that sparked introspection, growth, and the healing of their relationship.

This unusual event, according to Jada Smith, was the tipping point that brought them closer than ever before.

Jada Pinkett Smith previously revealed that she and Will Smith had been separated for 7 years.

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