Woman whose photo is being circulated as one of those Francis Van-Lare slept with speaks as she releases her chats with him

The compilation of women Francis Van-Lare claims to have slept with has created complications for several women who happen to share names with those listed. Francis had announced his intention to unveil the names of all the women he had been intimate with as part of his 70th birthday celebration. On the designated day, he disclosed a list featuring over 200 Nigerian women from diverse ethnic backgrounds with whom he purportedly had intimate relations.

A woman who met Francis when he came to Nigeria and took a picture with him began making news headlines when the photo of her and Francis was shared all over as people pointed out that her name was mentioned on the list. 

She immediately reached out to Francis to do a post to clear her name but Francis was reluctant to do so. 

She had to share her chats with Francis to clear her name. 

Sadly, sharing the chats did little to convince people and many are still slut-shaming her because of Francis’ list.

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