Yobe government revokes licenses of all private schools

The licences of all private schools in Yobe has been revoked by the state government. 

The state government directed operators interested in following the laid rules and regulations to re-apply for new licences

According to the state government, activities of all private schools in the state will henceforth tally with that of public schools and proprietors will no longer be allowed to operate and set rules that violate the norms and values of the state.

The State’s Commissioner of Basic and Secondary Education, Dr Muhammad Sani Idriss, who made the announcement during a meeting with proprietors of private schools at Government Girls Unity College Damaturu, added that the era of taking shortcuts in the registration of private schools is over.

He said; 

“We have cancelled the licences so that we would renew them. There was a time when some of the private schools were licensed but with the condition that they would meet some standard, but they have failed to meet up with this standard and they are still operating and the licences are with them.

“So, if you must operate a private school in Yobe State, you must play the game by its rules. That is why we decided to scrap and cancel all the licences. We are saying that you should re-apply and within a period of 30 days, you have your licences.

Mind you, we have not closed any private schools but what we are saying is that any private school that is not licensed henceforth is not ready to play the game by its rules.

What we have done is licences have been revoked, you can operate for a period of one month, come to us and purchase the form, we will assess your school and if you are qualified within a period of 30 days, you have backed your licence to operate and we are going to write all facts that we have to cancel all the licences owned by private schools. Therefore, parents should take note that we are going to also communicate with WAEC.”

The commissioner mentioned that the Yobe State government sanctioned the implementation of a dual curriculum in all public schools. Idriss further clarified that this policy would extend to private schools, giving students the option to either memorize the Qur’an and learn Arabic or, if uninterested, study French as a second language, ensuring they graduate with proficiency in at least two languages in addition to their native tongue.

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