You and I know Yul is not the one writing this balderdash” Actress, Rita Edochie calls out Judy Austin after Yul Edochie publicly slammed May Edochie

Rita Edochie has alleged that Judy Austin is responsible for Yul Edochie’s recent social media posts criticizing his first wife, May Edochie.

Yul had used Instagram to condemn May for a post she made, stating that 2023 was her worst year due to the loss of her son.

Yul’s post, referring to 2023 as his best year despite his son’s death, prompted criticism. In response, he accused May of manipulating the public to portray him negatively.

“You had time to do breast enlargement surgery and tummy tuck without your husband

Rita Edochie, wedded to Yul’s uncle, asserts that Yul’s second wife, Judy Austin, authored the posts using Yul’s account. Consequently, she utilized Instagram to criticize Judy.

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