Yul Edochie celebrates his wife, Judy, expressing, “You’re a beautiful soul, and beautiful things will always find you,” in acknowledgment of her recent blessing.

Yul Edochie, a proud husband, extends congratulations to his wife, Judy Austin, for securing an endorsement deal.

Judy Austin excitedly announces her endorsement deal with a weight loss brand on Instagram, expressing her joy and encouraging fans to support the business.

On his Instagram page, Yul praises his wife as a wonderful spirit, stating that she attracts beautiful things. He adds that the combination of an incredible brand with an incredible personality results in something beautiful.

IJELE ODOGWU!!! @judyaustin1
Congratulations on your endorsement deal with @bodybyenniie
You’re a beautiful soul, and beautiful things will always locate you.
You deserve all.
When an amazing brand meets an amazing personality, the result is magical.
I wish you and your new family a resounding success.

Responding in the comment section, Judy expresses gratitude to Yul for his sweet words and showers him with prayers.

“Thank you so much ISI MMILI JI OFOR. GOD will continue to bless and promote everything you do in this life. Amen”.

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