Yul Edochie provides advice on dealing with online trolls, emphasizing the tough nature of social media where one must either be resilient or disengage.

Nollywood actor and film producer Yul Edochie has offered valuable guidance on handling social media bullies.

May Edochie’s ex-husband shared on his Instagram page that when faced with online abuse, there are two choices: either ignore it or choose to engage and fight back.

Yul Edochie further expressed that in the challenging world of social media, there is no space for weakness, tears, or seeking pity. He emphasized that it’s a tough environment where one must either toughen up or disengage.

“If someone insults you on social media, you have only 2 options. You either ignore them or give it back to them ten times more. No room for weakness, crying, or drawing pity here.
The world is tough.
Social media na rugged place. Go hard or go home”.

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