ZicSaloma, a skit maker, disclosed that his family did not back his chosen career direction.

ZicSaloma, the Nigerian singer turned skit maker, shared that his family never endorsed his choice to pursue a career in entertainment.

The prominent content creator stated that his mother was the sole supporter when he informed his family about his decision to crossdress.

During a recent conversation with journalist Chude Jideonwo, ZicSaloma recounted how his four brothers would consistently silence him when he attempted to sing as a child.

As the youngest son, the comedian shared that his older siblings would destroy his music cassettes to deter him from pursuing a career in music. Despite facing opposition when he transitioned to content creation, ZicSaloma asserted that he has become the pivotal figure in his family, referred to as the “chief cornerstone.”

ZicSaloma said; “It was only my mum that supported me. I remember when I was supposed to go for a competition in South Africa, I was supposed to go with two family and friends.

“So I took my mum, naturally, I am supposed to carry my siblings and I can not. Because none of them have ever supported me. I went with my friends.”

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